Angel Missions Run 3 Game

The Angel Missions are a set of levels that are unlocked after finishing the Box Storage Area. These missions focus on the Angel as he recruits the other characters to go back home. It is one of the two mini-games published in the game Run 3.

There are six parts of the Angel Missions, despite one of which involving two people together; each of which can only be played with the Angel. If the player has not unlocked the Angel yet, he can be used anyway, similar to how the Student is the default character for some of the levels in The Way Onwards. However, like the Student, he is not unlocked after beating all of the Angel Missions and must still be bought in the shop to be used in any other levels.

The length of each part of the minigame varies. The longest part of it is the part of “The Nerd”, which consists of 9 new levels.

This is one of the only ways you can play a level backwards, the other way being the Bridge Building minigame. If you click on the Know-It-All section of the list you can play the Angel on Box Storage Area, part 11.

After you play a number of levels in the Angel Missions, you will meet the Pastafarian. The two will set off to different paths to find the remaining people. Fortunately, you don’t need to control the Pastafarian in the Angel Mission, and you will continue to find the remaining ones.

In the Angel vs Bunny cutscene, it is revealed that the Pastafarian found the Bunny, and only the Duplicator and the Child followed the Angel.

After the cutscene, The Way Back Tunnel will stretch out from the Winter Games, part 9, and all the people except the Student, Runner, Gentleman, Lizard and Skater. ( Runner, Skater and Student want to finish the Bridge Building and reach the wormhole while the Gentleman continues his project in making the Memory Evaluation tunnel. The Lizard could be seen at the end of the Memory Evaluation sleeping.) Then The Way Back can finally be played!

The following section is to show the levels that are in the Angel Mission, and it shows every part of it. The horizontal lines are used for dividing the parts of the minigame, clarify the section.