What you get by playing MMO Online Games

To some parents, online games are not good for kids. This is true to some extent, especially if kids spend too much time playing games online. The fact of the matter is that playing games offers a lot of benefits as well. They can even help your kids develop their skills. Let’s know some prominent benefits that different titles offer. Read on. Try raaaaft.io game online and enjoy the raft.io.

Parents should set reasonable guidelines for their kids to enjoy their favorite titles. This is to prevent kids from staying up late. On the Internet, you can find tons of age-appropriate games online that can help your kids use their creativity, practice persistence, develop responsibility, and set goals.

Developing Creativity

If you choose games that let your kids pick and customize different animals, your kids’ creativity will considerably rise. The games have a lot of goals. You can choose colors, features and accessories. And this is what helps your kids develop their creativity. And this is what helps your kid grow.

Achieving goals

You can find a lot of games that are goal-based. At each level, the player has to reach concrete objectives. So, this type of titles teach kids the right way to set goals. Plus, they are motivational enough to help kids achieve each goal while mastering their skills.

Developing social skills

If you do a bit of research, you will find titles that allow your kids to chat with other players online. This can provide an opportunity for your children to develop their social skills. Just make sure they know what to share online or what to keep secret. After all, sharing too much personal information with strangers can be dangerous.

Practicing some responsibility

By giving your kids an opportunity to enjoy online games, such as horse games, you can teach your kids as to how they can be more responsible as far as time management is concerned. This doesn’t mean that they should spend more time playing than doing their school work. Studies are more important than having fun online.

Absorbing information

It’s the responsibility of educators to come up with new techniques so that they could teach even “boring” subjects in an entertaining way. According to experts, teachers should change the traditional teaching approaches into new creative strategies so that the kids could be able to understand and absorb complex ideas. This is what online games can do for your kids. As a matter of fact, your kids will learn no matter how complex something may be.

To cut a long story short, both PC and online games can be a safe and entertaining way of teaching your kids how to be more creative and social while learning new things. If you have been looking for some good titles for your children, make sure you read reviews on different websites and talk to other parents. This will help you choose those products that will be appropriate for your youngsters. If introduced in moderation, games can teach your kid a lot in a fun way. Hope this helps.

Angel Missions Run 3 Game

The Angel Missions are a set of levels that are unlocked after finishing the Box Storage Area. These missions focus on the Angel as he recruits the other characters to go back home. It is one of the two mini-games published in the game Run 3.

There are six parts of the Angel Missions, despite one of which involving two people together; each of which can only be played with the Angel. If the player has not unlocked the Angel yet, he can be used anyway, similar to how the Student is the default character for some of the levels in The Way Onwards. However, like the Student, he is not unlocked after beating all of the Angel Missions and must still be bought in the shop to be used in any other levels.

The length of each part of the minigame varies. The longest part of it is the part of “The Nerd”, which consists of 9 new levels.

This is one of the only ways you can play a level backwards, the other way being the Bridge Building minigame. If you click on the Know-It-All section of the list you can play the Angel on Box Storage Area, part 11.

After you play a number of levels in the Angel Missions, you will meet the Pastafarian. The two will set off to different paths to find the remaining people. Fortunately, you don’t need to control the Pastafarian in the Angel Mission, and you will continue to find the remaining ones.

In the Angel vs Bunny cutscene, it is revealed that the Pastafarian found the Bunny, and only the Duplicator and the Child followed the Angel.

After the cutscene, The Way Back Tunnel will stretch out from the Winter Games, part 9, and all the people except the Student, Runner, Gentleman, Lizard and Skater. ( Runner, Skater and Student want to finish the Bridge Building and reach the wormhole while the Gentleman continues his project in making the Memory Evaluation tunnel. The Lizard could be seen at the end of the Memory Evaluation sleeping.) Then The Way Back can finally be played!

The following section is to show the levels that are in the Angel Mission, and it shows every part of it. The horizontal lines are used for dividing the parts of the minigame, clarify the section.

Pokemon MMO Gaming: 3 Of The Best Free Pokemon Games

If you are a Pokemon MMO game enthusiast, here are three games that you can enjoy for free:


This is a re-invention of the classic Pokemon gold and silver games created by Nintendo. For you to be successful you need to be the best Pokemon trainer of all times.

When playing you have to go around the grasslands and capture, battle, and defeat wild Pokemon. You also have the benefit of going around town collecting items and Pokemon.

The good side is that the game is free and you can play against friends from all parts of the world. In addition to this the game also has other great features such as: resizable game window, many languages, daycare system, great moves, and auto save option.

Pokemon volcano

This is another great pokemon Run 3 game that comes with a number of advantages. One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to download anything. This is because the game runs in a browser window thus you only need to register at the site and you can start playing immediately.

Unlike other games that require you to wait for the screen to refresh before you can play, this game allows you to start playing immediately without waiting for it to refresh.

To play you start with one starter Pokeman and you try capturing new Pokemon. You also have the benefit of training so that you can win Gym medals. Once you have won the medals you can try to defeat the gym leader.

For you to be successful in this Friv you need to do a few things:

• Get all the gym badges and then go in the grass or water for a while until you find manaphy.

• First go to Renato then search for Pokemon near grain and you will fight a Diglet that has a very low life


This is a great game that has all the components that should be in a Pokemon MMO game. The good side is that you don’t have to download anything and you can play against thousands of players around the world.

Playing it is easy because you play it just like any other Pokemon game. This means if you have played any other Pokemon game before, you will find it very easy to play this one.

Some of the Best Multiplayer .IO Games Online

If you do a search on the internet you will find that there are many multiplayer games available and they all have some difference to them. Games like World of Warcraft are widely known while less known ones can be quite interesting. The question still remains: Which game is the best?

As mentioned before, World of Warcraft is the most known multiplayer online game. It has been referenced in so many ways including television commercials and movies. The popularity surrounding this game can be because of its simplicity in play and it is able to be played all over the world. Why not give a try to deeeepio unblocked game.

Another great game would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty was probably one of the biggest selling games in 2009. COD has been hyped up for months and has lived up to every bit of it. The multiplayer feature of this is very competitive. The visual effects are outstanding and it is obvious why this is one of the most played games online.

For all my sports fans EA sports has come out with some great multiplayer games. Games like Madden10, NHL10, FIFA all have great multiplayer features. NBA2K10, not by EA sports, is great to play. While playing this you feel like your actually sitting at a game watching the pros play. There’s also a feature on whereas you create a player trying to make it in the pros.

There you have it. I have listed some multiplayer games that are very popular and some not so well known.

One Of The Best Five Free Android Games 2018

One of the most popular reasons why people buy smartphones is because of mobile gaming. When you feel bored and you want to do something that will divert your attention, your smartphone becomes a mobile gaming device automatically. While some games are actually good, some aren’t exactly as fun as you expect them to be, so in any case, it’s time to do some researching for the best Android games ever made. And since I’m your Techno Babe, I did some research and found the top five most addictive Android games in the market today.

Different people have different tastes though, but the games I played are so simple that both kids and adults will surely enjoy playing these games without too much fuss or complaints. Some of these games come for free while others can be downloaded for a small price. Choose which ones you like!

1.  Color Ballz

Color Balls is very similar game to paddle bounce ballz.  This is a playful take on classic arkanoid mechanics with an interesting twist to it. Get a hold of the paddle with easy to learn swipe controls and bounce the balls into the basket!

Here’s the deal: you maintain a crazy fun ball throwing machine by constantly delivering the balls back into the loop. This function undeniably serves a greater purpose, which of course is super secret. But then who does really care what it is, when it is so much fun?

2. Chilly Snow

In Ski switch game you can ski the balls and Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow! The snow slide is very smooth and ball moves on your finger tips. This is one of the best snow games your have ever played. Try to break the game record and make your own best score in this minimalist alpine ski game.

3. Grow

The game’s pretty much like Feeding Frenzy, except that in Feeding Frenzy, you’re in an ocean full of fish and other creatures. Grow pits you against other fishes inside a small aquarium. This means you really have to use your secret moves and evasive manuevers in order to make your littly fry grow in order to compete with the other big fishes in the sea… er, I mean, aquarium.

4. Solipskier

We all know the deal with ski games, but with Solipskier, it’s a whole different story. This time, you build (actually paint) the path for the skier, but make sure that the path is safe enough for him to survive! Build a path high enough for your skier to fall down and break his head and you lose the game! While the concept is quite old, what I love about the game is its music, which consists of cool guitar solos!

5. Fruit Ninja

You know those slice and dice games on the Iphone? They’re available on the Android now and one of them is the super popular Fruit Ninja. Polish you knife-carving skills as the game throws several fruits in the air for you to slice! The game is quite addictive and is indeed worth the download!

Well, these are the top five Android games that’s hot, hot hot in the Android market! Whether these applications are for sale or not, you can simply check them out in the Internet. Fruit Ninja, for example, is actually for free but for a small price, you can get a few power-ups and cool freebies that make the game even more interesting. Even so, it’s really up to you if you want to get more out of the game!

Enjoy downloading these apps!


Subway Surfers: Surfing it’s way into my heart

Temple Run was once king of the infinite runner genre, with its tight gameplay and simple controls that had you pushing for just one more high score every time. It’s been a long time since those days, and Temple Run is still around, and still fun to play, but there are so many new infinite runner games that some truly good ones get lost in the shuffle. Subway Surfers is one of those games. Play subway surfers online game.

Subway Surfers’ gameplay is nothing new, you simply steer your character with swipes to avoid obstacles and collect coins and powerups. The developers added some extra tricks as well, like a “no crash” hoverboard powerup and moving platforms that add some challenge and strategy to your runs. For the most part, it’s a standard infinite runner with a good balance of fun and challenge that I could recommend it to anyone.


The graphics are bright and colorful and have a cute cartoon art style that is kid friendly. There is a surprising number of customization options that are unlockable with both in-game currency and in-game collectibles as well, which is a welcome sight. You have a number of characters, costumes, and cosmetic changes to choose from to add some flair to your game and give you a goal to shoot for while playing. The music is nothing too inspired, but it doesn’t get in the way so that’s nice.

Microtransactions and ads are present as well, as expected from a free-to-play mobile game, but thankfully they are unintrusive for the most part. I’d put Subway Surfers on the tolerable side of the spectrum here. Thankfully they reward you for viewing ads with keys and other collectibles so it’s not just ads in your face for nothing. The social aspects of the game are fairly light. You can link your Facebook account for rewards and leaderboards against your friends, but not much else. There is no multiplayer to speak of, which is understandable but would have been an interesting addition.


I don’t have too much negative to say about Subway Surfers. It’s an all-around polished and solid game that offers a lot of content for a simple infinite runner game. If I had to pick something negative it would be that the game is a tad too easy, and also that the micro transactions seem fairly pointless since they really only unlock cosmetics faster. On the whole, Subway Surfers is a good game, and if you’re looking for a fun infinite runner to play or something for the kids’ tablet, then I’d definitely recommend this one.

Minecraft Minimap Mod

Are you fatigued of getting lost all the time? Are you worn out because you have to stay locked in your house because you don’t want to get lost? Wouldn’t you be happy if there was some kind of mod that has a mini-map so there wouldn’t be a way for you to get lost? I know you can craft a map, however, it is not as as easy as getting the mod. You would need a lot of paper, you need a compass. I don’t even know how to make a compass! How will you even make use of a compass? In any case, you really do not have go through all of this problem to obtain a straightforward map. You can obtain a mod that does all of this for you. You don’t have to craft anything, you just need to download the mod and a mini-map will appear on the top right side of your screen.

After I started playing Minecraft Mods, I stored all my items in a chest. Some time passed and I got hungry. I saw a pig so I ran as rapidly as I could! When I caught him, I was lost! I didn’t know where I was or where to go.I had to make a whole new house, make new close friends, I had to start all over again! I had no merchandise. The only item I had on me was a sword, since all of my items were in the chest. I really do not like bringing my items with me because it was night time and I didn’t want to lose all my items. I needed to generate a map so I needed a compass and some paper. To create a compass you need steel and Redstone. I was scratching my head because I had no idea what redstone was. I searched on Google to get a mini-map mod. Thankfully I found one, it was named “Rei’s Minimap Mod“. I was really excited, I thought of all the things I could do with this mod. No more getting lost in unforgiving Minecraft world! This mod also exhibits where you died, genuinely valuable for those who had valuable items on their inventory. You can even set a waypoint and title it “home” or “mine”. Any waypoint name is fine, just make sure you name it for it’s function. You might get confused if you don’t.

You get all of these capabilities therefore you never get lost on Minecraft skin maker. It’s a really great mod for all Minecraft players.

Help Online Students Overcome the Risk of Failure

The retention rate for online schools is low and there are many reasons why students discontinue their degree program, from the cost per credit hour to school policies and the quality of the courses offered. Instructors have little control over many of those factors but what they can help with is the classroom environment that they are responsible for maintaining. With every class students are at risk for failure because of the nature of a virtual environment and interactions with others. New students have the greatest risk and the most challenging learning curve. When students take their first class it is a time when their perceptions and expectations meet the reality of working in an online class. Every subsequent class requires adapting in some manner, to a new instructor and set of requirements. This creates a risk or possibility for students to fail.

All instructors, not just those who teach entry point classes, are responsible for nurturing the development of their students. This means that teaching is not just a function with a checklist of duties, it is a process that requires full engagement and support for the progress of every student. With online classes it is possible for students to gradually disengage, if they become frustrated or their motivation wanes. If an instructor doesn’t notice a student’s struggle or does but doesn’t conduct some form of outreach, that student may disengage completely within a short period of time. There are proactive strategies an instructor can implement as part of their instructional strategy, to maintain awareness of class conditions and lessen the likelihood of students failing to complete the course.

Student Perceptions of Failure

Students start their classes with a variety of feelings. There is a sense of a fresh start, mixed with the possibility of uncertainty, apprehension, and/or anxiety – especially if they do not know their new instructor. The first week requires students to “hit the ground running” so to speak, and few begin by thinking they will fail unless they have determined they do not have the required academic skills and cannot develop those skills quickly enough. Students think about failure most when they put in what they believe to be their best effort and receive feedback that conflicts with that belief and/or they watch their cumulative grade as an indicator of their progress and it continues to decline no matter how hard they try. Some students are not bothered by less than perfect outcomes and others will believe they have failed if they did not earn all “A” grades. There is a perception that grades are somehow tied to a student’s self-worth and that causes those students to give up easily when they perceive they have failed.

The Challenge of Academic Under-Preparedness

Many online schools have minimal entrance requirements for accepting new students, especially related to existing academic skills. Instructors in undergraduate entry point classes know this condition more than anyone else. It is possible to have students who are so academically under-prepared that the focus of the entire class is on learning the basic literacy skills. How well students are able to progress is directly related to their receptiveness to feedback, ability to cooperate, persistence in the midst of challenges, and the nature of the instructor. If an instructor demands compliance, rather than support and encourage development, it will create a barrier to progress that can set the stage for failure. The very first class, even the first few classes, will determine how well students become equipped to meet the academic rigors of their degree program. The support that the school and instructors offer is critical to helping prepare students for success.

What it Means to Be Accountable

Students are expected to follow the required policies and procedures, complete the required learning activities, perform to the best of their abilities, remain highly motivated, and be actively engaged in the learning process as an standard ideal. What instructors use as a guide for assessing how well students are meeting those expectations is what they can “see” in the classroom and that consists of class and discussion posts, along with the effort and attempt made with the learning activities. But to hold students accountable for these expectations, instructors must make them clear at the start of a class and encourage students to ask questions.

It is possible that expectations can vary from one instructor to another, which means instructors need to clearly communicate what they will hold students accountable for and provide both clarification and reminders on a regular basis. What may seem clear from an instructor’s perspective may not be interpreted that way the first time a student reads it, especially during the first week of class when they are trying to read and process all of the new materials and information. One method I’ve used is to create a section in the course syllabus that outlines my expectations and then I will refer back to it on occasion, as a reminder for the students.

Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Failure

In order to help your students meet the required expectations, and help prepare them for success in their class, there are six strategies any instructor can include as part of their online teaching strategy, regardless of the subject taught.

#1. Establish Clearly Defined Expectations: If you expect students to follow your particular requirements then they need to clearly understand what you expect. You can add a section to the course syllabus that outlines your expectations, whether it is a specific number of days you expect them to participate or the use of sources to support the development of their posts and papers. When you post weekly messages, be sure to include reminders about these expectations when needed. One method I have used to reinforce the expectations for written assignments is to develop a rubric and provide it at the start of the class week.

#2. Work to Develop Open Communication: Working in a virtual classroom environment can be intimidating for some students, especially if they feel isolated from their instructor, so it is imperative that productive working relationships are established. This will encourage students to reach out and ask for help whenever they have a question or need assistance. Be certain to have a supportive and helpful attitude as the first time a student asks for assistance will determine if they are encouraged or discouraged from asking for help again. The tone used in all responses will be interpreted so I often read my posts and messages aloud to ensure they are as effective as they can be.

#3. Teach Students the Power of Self-Assessment: Instructors can help students learn to monitor their own progress, the skills and knowledge they have acquired, and the beliefs they hold about their ability to succeed. To monitor their progress I will teach students to use some of the formative assessment techniques, such as a one minute paper. To help students with the knowledge acquisition process I will teach them to use note-taking methods that they can then utilize later as a self-quiz. As to the development of skills, I make sure to note their accomplishments and progress in the feedback provided. Finally, I will talk about self-beliefs in messages I post and conversations I have with students – either by phone or through other one-on-one communication.

#4. Provide Feedback and Follow-Through: Providing a completed rubric or letter grade is never enough when it comes to supporting students and addressing their developmental needs. I provide interactive feedback that addresses both the content and the mechanics of what was written. I add in comments via track changes in a Word document and I share my expertise, experience, and additional thoughts. I also ask questions in my feedback as a means of engaging the students further and then I encourage them to ask questions. The purpose is to create interactive feedback that prompts follow-up with them. The follow-through is necessary whenever I have a student who is struggling, not making progress, making the same mistakes, or facing any other challenges. I want to make certain they have read the feedback and provide them with an opportunity to discuss their progress.

#5. Be a Teacher, Facilitator, Mentor, and Coach: Every instructor can lead the way for their students and be a guide that helps to support them in a servant leadership role. While many online schools like to call an instructor a facilitator, the many responsibilities that an instructor has involves much more than facilitating a process. Instructors need to be aware of how their students are performing and help them find resources when needed, teach them productive habits when it seems they cannot accomplish the required tasks each week, and offer support when they question their ability to do well or have self-doubts. All of these roles help to teach students to persist and it encourages a growth mindset.

#6. Conduct Outreach on an Ongoing Basis: While this will require extra time on the part of the instructor, it can certainly make a difference in the long term success of the students. Instructors must be aware of the class conditions and alert for students who are struggling and disengaging from the class so that they can be proactive in outreach attempts before it becomes a chronic problem that results in complete withdrawal from the class. I’ve found that an extra email or phone call goes a long way towards establishing a bond with my students and helps to bridge the distance gap with them. Most of the time one outreach contact in some form is enough to re-engage the students; however, there are some students who feel hopeless and believe that circumstances happen to them rather than having control over their own outcomes. Those students require much more patience and personalized attention, which some instructors do not like to do, but in the end I’ve found it is worth my time as it helps to address the needs of my students.